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Your pioneer is about 5 years late. SMARTHINKING has been doing this for far longer, from more countries, in more subjects, and at much greater scale. Search for articles about SMARTHINKING, and you'll find references. You can also go visit www.smarthinking.com.


It appears that Smartthinking is out of business, from your own URL.

Plus, if it was 5 years ago, then they could not have made use of VoIP and Internet whiteboard technologies that make Tutorvista interactive.

Anyway, I care much less about which company succeeds vs. competitors than I care about some company building this paradigm on a massive scale to boost macroeconomic growth.

Assistant Village Idiot

More and more education in general is going online. My third son is now enrolled entirely online for college, an option his older brothers would never have considered.

Because I work in psychology, I am fascinated by thinking how much of a boon this trend is to those with ADD, Asperger's, OCD, and a host of other conditions.


Assistant, no disrepect intended, but from my perspective ADD, Asperger's, OCD, 'and a host of other conditions' are excuses not real 'disabilities'.

I'm fine with homeschooling and would prefer that all education be privatized and not subsidized, however for the sheer mass of students, who are too busy for school, the cookie mold will continue to cut it.

Two years could be cut off of the current 12 year plan used in the US saving 16 percent of education dollars.

Assistant Village Idiot

abc123 - it depends on what you mean by "not real disabilities." They are real conditions, but some of the difficulties that these kids have are created by the cookie-cutter expectations of society, not just schools. Many of these conditions can actually be an advantage, especially in the sciences, if they are accommodated properly.

Yes, these things can be used as excuses, and people do. That does not change the fact that they are objectively measurable and do exist. If you want to get into the argument, I'm good to go. This is very related to how I have earned my daily bread for 30 years.


Enjoyed reading your post.

I am the editor and cofounder of Bookyards, an online library and educational portal located at http://www.bookyards.com

We have been doing this for the past 7 years, and I can tell you that your comments on how the web will help to enhance the educational experience concurs from what we have been experiencing for the past few years. Your comments hit so close to home, that we are now editing, expanding, and promoting our site to take advantage of this development.

While I do not see the web replacing the brick and stone building known as the school....I do see the web assisting and supporting such institutions even more in the future.

For your info, 25% of our traffic comes from third world and fast developing countries such as India.....and I know that this will only increase with time as the world becomes more "flat"

Ron Shasta

I've come across a number of online tutoring websites (e.g. tutor.com, homeworkhelp.com, tutoreasy.com, www.schooltrainer.com, etc.). Has anyone prepared a comparison of the various companies (pricing, quality, etc.)?

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I hope education jobs can become automated in general... the less automatable work is done by humans, the better. Education *is* automatable, the obstacles aren't technological but political :/

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